The Starter Kit So Far: Looking back at two streams and future stream dates

Hello again, fellow Full Cycle Devs!

This week, we can look back at two great streams. If you missed them, recordings are available on the YouTube channel.

Here are the stats for both:

Monday, 8 April

Thursday, 11 April

As was to be expected, the first stream was more popular due to the posts beforehand. Maybe I should also think about posting on Facebook? I heard there are big communities over there. If anyone has experience and want to help out with growing FCD and the channel, hit me up. Paid options available.

Progress So Far

So far, we have the following features available:

  • Complete Docker stack with django, redis, celery and postgres

  • User Login/Sign Up & MFA

  • Login Walls

  • E-Mail handling

  • Multi-Tenancy with Organisations

  • HTMX integration

Towards the end of the last stream, we began researching payment options. We took a look at different providers and how to integrate the payment flow.

We decided for stripe, but against the djstripe package due to a high amount of unneeded features. It is important to keep the code base smart and simple. Therefore, we will off-load as much as possible onto the stripe customer portal and keep the data up to date with webhooks.

Next Stream: Monday

On Monday, starting 09:30 CEST (see this link for your local time), we will re-discuss the payment provider integration and write the respective code. The goal is to offer both individual subscriptions and organisation subscriptions.

As per usual, I will spend a lot of time explaining every step that I do, what the best practices are and how to prevent fraud.

During the Monday stream, I will also announce more stream dates for the rest of the week. I should be able to also stream on Thursday and Friday, but that’s to be confirmed.

Call for Contributors

If you want to contribute anything to either the stream, the discord or the blog/newsletter, please get in touch by replying to this post. Either on the website or directly from the email. I’d love to get some assistance, but I don’t know what I need. It would be lovely if you have relevant experience in this space. Paid options of course available. 💸

Thanks so much to everyone for being part of FCD!



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