Recapping Monday's Stream, and a Preview for Thursday

What’s up, Full Cycle Developers?

Monday’s stream was a big success, with 112 unique viewers over 4.5 streamed hours. A big improvement from last stream (as also indicated by the delta from the below image).

A Quick Recap

I posted my plans prior on Reddit to reach developers that have not yet joined FCD and might also be interested in this topic. Actually, I posted a similar post in three different subreddits, two centered around the django framework, and one about SaaS in general.

The two django subreddits definitely have the nicest people around, but it was kind of expected, as I made a few posts there already. I’m unsure if I also want to post about the stream on Thursday, or whether people might be too offended by that.

For the stream itself, I can’t express my thanks enough. While it was me sitting there for 4.5 hours, you people seemed to be generally interested and engaged. It is a feeling I can hardly describe, but it made me extremely happy.

In the announcement posts, I wrote that I care about educating and sharing knowledge more than making more money with my businesses. It’s true. And that’s why your warm response means so much to me.

Topics Covered

As it was kind of expected, we didn’t finish much of the actual boilerplate. A lot of time was used on explaining my background a bit, reasoning about how to start with a boilerplate for SaaS businesses, and design implications for multi-tenancy.

We then wrote our first few lines of code, by adding an app to our django project for managing organisations used for multi-tenancy.

The full VoD is available on YouTube:

Next Up for Thursday

On Thursday (at 09:00 am CEST), we will finish the implementation for the multi-tenancy organisations and, on request from you lovely viewers, add htmx to the application. I don’t know for what yet, but we will figure that out.

Up next on the feature list will be payments. That means doing some research, adding stripe (or some other payment provider?) to the boilerplate with fully working one-time-payments, subscriptions and webhooks for data-consistency.

Afterwards, we will vote on the next feature, as we did last time.

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