Full Cycle Developers Community Poll: Help Shape Our Next Content!

Shape our content! Vote on Django topics: Docker, Blogging, Kubernetes, Caching & more!

Welcome, Full Cycle Developers! As we continue our journey in creating and sharing valuable software development content, we need your input. Your choices will guide our next big(ger) project, ensuring that we create content that truly resonates with your needs and interests.

The winner(s) of the poll will be featured on Twitch livestreams, and afterwards made into curated blog posts here on Substack, as well as YouTube videos. And, of course, discussed on Discord. Make sure to follow the respective outlets to not miss out!

We Want Your Vote!

Below are the exciting topics we're considering. They’ve all been requested at least once on Discord, so they’re from the community, for the community. Each one is designed to enrich your knowledge and skills in software development, focusing on django. Please cast your vote on which topic you find most engaging and useful:

1. From Hello World to Docker: The Django Journey

Imagine starting with a simple Django "Hello World" app and evolving it into a fully dockerized architecture (similar to what cookiecutter-django is delivering us). This guide will cover everything from the basics to advanced Docker concepts, tailored for django applications. At each step, we will take the needed time and explore everything in detail.

2. Building a Blog with Django and Wagtail

Learn how to create a dynamic and powerful blog using Django and Wagtail. This tutorial will take you through the steps of setting up a blog, implementing Wagtail for content management, and customizing it to your preference. We’ve done this on stream once before, but this time we’d do it better!

3. Deploying Django on Kubernetes in the Cloud

Usually, I’m really against advising to go fully cloud-based. It can lead to unexpected costs and make everything more complicated. Read up on the previous posts here, to learn more about our opinion on that.

However, if you like to learn it, we will deliver. Dive into the world of Kubernetes and cloud computing. This tutorial will show you how to deploy a django application on Kubernetes, using (one of the three) major cloud platforms. Ideal for developers looking to scale their django applications, or think that their product will see exponential growth.

4. Mastering Caching in Django

Caching is crucial for improving the performance of web applications. This content will explore various caching techniques in django, helping you understand when and how to use them effectively. We will cover caching in functions, templates backends and more.

5. Cookiecutter Stack on a Budget

Discover how to create a robust Django stack using cookiecutter-django and deploy it for less than $5/month. This guide is perfect for developers looking for cost-effective deployment solutions. It’s similar to the content of our very first stream, but with significantly more experience about presentation from my part.

6. GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent Handling

Stay compliant with GDPR regulations by learning how to implement cookie consent handling in your django applications. This content will provide detailed guidelines and best practices.

7. Learn from Failure: A SaaS Product Review

Gain insights from a post-mortem review of a failed SaaS product I created. Understand the pitfalls, what worked, what didn't, and how to apply these lessons to your projects.

I had to split the poll into two parts, because there’s only 5 options possible. They are open for one week.

After the voting has concluded, we’ll announce results and time for the live streams on our socials. Thanks for being a valuable part of FCD!

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