2024 Update for Full Cycle Developers

Hello Full Cycle Developers!

2024 Update for FCD

It’s been a while since I last wrote an email to all of you. And for that, I’m sorry.

Most of you will probably remember my last post. Things I wanted to do come 2024. And most of those things have been discarded for one reason or another.

The main reason for the hold-up was of course that I was still between homes. As a matter of fact, I still am. But today I got the confirmation that we will move into our new home on March 27th. That’s awesome news for my family and me, and hopefully good news for you as well.

Because that means I will be able to finally pick up where I left with the live streams and content creation starting April.

We’ve had some great talks over on Twitter/X, thanks to everyone who kept engaged with me. What resonated most with you guys was the idea for the ultimate django SaaS boilerplate. So that’s what I want to work on next. Together with all of you.

Developing the best django SaaS boilerplate/starter kit in public

On Discord, we had a few discussions about good boilerplates. One of you brought up a web page that was basically a wrapper for the cookiecutter that I used during most of my livestreams. And the developer was charging a horrendous price for it.

Let’s make a better one. Together, on the live streams. Something all of you can use to launch an enterprise-grade startup stack without the headache. Robust and cheap to operate. Focus on your unique ideas, not on the things successful developers repeat for every project.

We are still taking on features that are a must-have for this. Your voice counts. Drop a message on X, Discord or reply to this post.

Features that will 100% be included are:

  • user accounts & authentication (email and social)

  • payments (one-time, subscriptions, invoices)

  • login walls

  • payment walls

  • email sending with a service of your choice (or smtp)

  • media storage with any cloud provider or nginx

  • full docker support

  • tests and code checking

  • async and recurring tasks with celery

  • error logging with sentry

  • one codebase for great DX

  • cheap production deployment (< $5/mo)

  • organizations / teams (for multiple users)

  • proper model lifecycle transitions

  • easily testable code style

  • proper tests

  • auto re-deployment (CD) on push to main

  • CI for automated testing on code changes

  • pre-commit hooks for proper code style and quality

  • modern styling with bootstrap or daisyui

  • non-refresh features with htmx or alpinejs

  • async tasks for compute-intensive jobs

  • automated database backups to external source (e.g. AWS S3)

This is not a complete list. Feel free to suggest more. As all of this will be developed on live streams, we will experiment with other things and change requirements on-the-fly.

Also, I will create a huge knowledge base for this. How to solve specific problems efficiently and how to think when working with this.

It will be your ticket to creating insanely good software very easily.

I am extremely excited for this, hopefully some of you are as well.

Thanks so much for reading this and being a part of fcdevs!

Until next time,


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